Top 10 Tuesday

My top 10 things today are pictures that I see on the internet that bring back childhood memories for me.

1. Quilts hanging out on the line. 

2. Home made chocolate cake from scratch with chocolate icing.

3. An old pitcher of ice tea with lemons. 

4. An old outhouse. Growing up in the country in the '50's we saw more of these than we did bathrooms in my young days.

5. Daffoldils were all over the bank on the front hillside.

6. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy with some kind of vegetable.

7. Meatballs in brown gravy with mashed potatoes. This was my favorite meal of all time. 

8. Jump ropes always take me back to my childhood. "Cinderella kissed a feller..." Loved jumping to those old rhymes.

9. Playing jacks. My all time favorite thing to do. I would play them now if I had a patio instead of a deck. Of course, not sure if I could get out of the floor afterwards. 

10. The Cincinnati Reds. Daddy loved them and listened to them on the radio or watched them on TV every time they were on.

Such sweet memories.

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Terri D. said...

It has been a sweet-memory week for me, too. Loved what you shared with us! I was never good a jacks, but that didn't keep me from trying it all the time! Smiling.