I was with my daughter when she went to purchase a cell phone Saturday. I was there to keep Shelby entertained and it turned I was the one entertained by Shelby. The phone store had a giant mural on the wall. Shelby was fascinated and asked me to take her picture in front of it. 

Then she decided it would be neat to "break" the photo down in to smaller shots. So I had to snap her "petting the dog."

And getting a "hug" from one of the girls in the picture. 

She then decide it would be neat for the boy to "hand" her something from the wagon. 

And she ended the photo shoot by "digging" around in the wagon. I was very impressed that she wove her story using the mural. It was pretty cool. 

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Terri D. said...

More than pretty cool!! She is very creative, and you were great to encourage her and take the photos! Awesome!