Weekend Wrap Up

I don't know about you, but I have had an awesome weekend. It was packed full. It started off Friday with a trip to Kohl's. I had a gift card for $50.  I was by myself and I looked in every single department. I ended up with a new pair of flip flops (imagine that), a pair of black capris and four new tops. They were on sale and I saved $59. I used my $50 gift card and my final out of pocket expense was $12. This was quite a haul for $12.

Saturday, I was keeping 3 of the grandchildren for my son and daughter-in-law. My daughters two wanted to come over and visit for awhile. Papaw was at work so I had a rare day of me and all 5 grandkids by ourselves. It was awesome. I took some pics and they all made crazy faces (I know it was to try to get out of more picture taking). Here is Caleb.


Alexis and Shelby.

And Garret.

The little ones spent a lot of time outside with me. 

I was able to get the two oldest ones to come out for awhile, but it didn't last too long. They did get in some practice on not wanting to smile for the camera.

I finally got a little smile out of Garret and I guess Caleb is watching Garret to decide if he wants to smile or not. 

Colby and Caleb in front of the flower bush that I don't know what kind of flower it is.

Alexis and Shelby in front of the bush.

The Three Musketeers....or the Three Stooges, not sure which. They were cracking me up with their antics.

I took them for a walk around the subdivision loop. Once you make it up the hill by my house, it is pretty flat walking.

Sunday morning, before we went to church I made a pitcher of ice tea. You may be thinking, "So?". Well it was a pretty big deal because I do not drink tea....ever. And I come from a family of big sweet tea drinkers. I made a pitcher and had Garret taste it. He said it was good but to add just a little more sugar. I did and it got a thumbs up from everybody who drank it. Must have been good because Hubby finished the last of the pitcher when he came home last night and nobody added any more sugar. I'm kind of proud of myself.

After lunch Sunday, Colby was on the couch playing and next thing I knew, his little construction men were in the floor and he was out for the count. He had a busy weekend. 

Of course, I had to hit some yard sales over the weekend. When I got to work on Friday, the family next door was having a big yard sale. I debated going until my co-worker Jeanenne sent me over there. She said it would be best if I just got it out of my system. She was so right. I picked up these roses to use for a craft we are doing next Sunday for Mother's Day. 

I found a milk glass vase that I had never seen before. 

And two tea cups. I don't drink tea, but I love cups. And the green just caught my eye.

I picked up these four vintage butter pats. They need soaked and cleaned, but I really like them. 

I have a tray that I bought last year that I painted blue. I moved it to a new location Thursday and thought, "I wish I could find another one of these". I was pleased when I found the exact same tray on Friday. Now I can paint it the same blue and have the second one I wanted. 

I had mentioned to my daughter-in-law that I was redoing the kids room at my house in beach theme. When I went to get them Saturday, she gave me some decor for their room. I love dolphins. I hope to go on a dolphin watch when we go on vacation this year.

This is a battery powered water fountain. I don't know if it is going in the kids room or if I am going to put it in my beach bathroom so I can run it when I relax in the tub. 

This little lighthouse was my favorite. I just fell in love with it. 

I also loved this dolphin figurine she gave me. 

I put those last two items on the kids TV with a lighthouse picture I got last weekend. The picture and lighthouse looked so good together. They both have that vintage look to them. 

As you can see, I had an awesome weekend. And as you can imagine, my old body is feeling a little tuckered out this morning.


Terri D. said...

I guess you did, indeed, have a great weekend! Grandkids and great finds at the sale! Whoop!! Thanks for sharing all the great photos with us!

Rachel said...

You made ice tea? Wow! Now you just need to learn to drink it. You would love it. I love all your yard sale finds. The tea cups are so cute.I can't believe how the kids are growing up. Looks like they had a good weekend.