Weekend wrap up...

I had a great weekend. It started out by talking to Mom on Friday and finding out she got her gift I made her for Mother's Day. Another successful Pinterest idea. I had my friend at Stevie Marie's put the Mamaw's Tennessee Garden on the material. Then I got the hand prints from each of my 5 grandchildren and put them on the fabric to make Mom a wall hanging with her great-grandchildren from Tennessee. She loved it. 

Then my daughter-in-law gave me my Mother's Day gift from her and my son. You know how I am about flip flops. Love them.

Hubby got me two new shirts which are very comfortable.

And my daughter got me a new shirt to go with my new flip flops.

I went to JC Penny's on Saturday and they had an awesome door buster sale going on. I treated myself to this little ring for just $7.00. I thought it was adorable. 

And at Walmart I finally found some flowers for my milk glass vase. I have pink in my home office so these look great in there. 

And to celebrate my new pink phase, I bought me some pink nail polish. But then I was too tired to do my nails so I haven't used it yet. 

It was an awesome weekend. 

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Terri D. said...

Pink is everywhere! All so very pretty! Love the flip-flops, and the project you made for your mom is adorable. So happy you had such a good Mother's Day!