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4th of July Decor Ideas

Not sure where the summer is going, but it just dawned on me that the 4th is next week and I haven't decorated yet. I went to Pinterest and searched for ideas. This would be really easy to do.

If I could get an old pallet, I would do this in a heart beat and lean it up against the porch facing the road.

These USA Stars would be easy to make. 

I love these nails. But my hand is not steady enough to do the lines. 

I need a chalkboard and colored chalk.

This is cute.

Now this is super duper simple.

Love, love, love this.

Again, something that would be so easy to do.

This is a cute and easy and inexpensive idea.

Now, I could easily do this. I have red, I have blue and I have sparkle.

I just may need to do this for church on Sunday. 


Terri D. said...

I always love the great ideas you find for us to enjoy!! Thanks!!

Liz said...

Love these 4th of July ideas. I need some soon. The hubby has decided we need to throw a party that day. Only a week away, yikes!!

Leslie said...

well just look at that pallet! people are just to creative! I love it all.. the nails are adorable!!!