Family Talents

I come from a family with four children. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses. And we all have our own talents and areas of expertise. I was blessed with the ability to write. At least people tell me it is a talent of mine. My brother, Jack, is a very talented woodworker. He has made many pieces of furniture over the years without any pattern or plan. Just his gifted mind and his talented hands. My brother, Andy, started helping coach Little League baseball when he was just 16. He soon moved up to have his own team and he has been involved in sports now for over 30 years. He has taken many, many teams to the All Star championships. My sister, Rachel, is an extremely talented decorator. She can take the most simple of items and create a display that is gorgeous. I love when the seasons change and she does a new decor with her front porch. I wanted to share with you some pics she sent of her summer porch. 

She bought this little red wagon at Terry's Village. She is going to change up what sets in it to match the seasons or holidays. It is going to be fun to watch what changes she makes along the way.

I love the way she fixed up this little table. 

You can find flowers and birdhouses all over her outdoors.

See what I mean? Isn't it adorable.

This just makes me want to grab a book and curl up on the swing.

She used to have a very small porch and they enclosed it and made it into a sitting room. She had one of the original house windows separating the two rooms and has never liked it. This past weekend, she had her hubby take the window out, frame it in and paint it to open up the space between the two rooms. It turned out awesome. 

I am not sure if these pillows were from placemats or not, but she makes a lot of her swing pillows by purchasing placemats, ripping the seam in the end, stuffing them and sewing them back up.

A view of the new opening as seen through the living room side. 

I love the little bunny rabbit planter.

See what I mean when I say she is very talented?


Terri D. said...

So inviting!! She definitely has a talent for decorating!


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