Weekend Wrap Up

I have had a very relaxing weekend. My house is still a mess because we are waiting on the carpet guy to come and put in new carpet after the hot water heater fiasco last week. He is supposed to be here the first of the week. In the meantime, my master bath and my office are piled up with everything from our walk-in closet. I decided to close those two doors and just enjoy the weekend. Garret and I had an awesome time playing some card games yesterday. And we had a long rousing game of Monopoly, which of course, he won. 

My new Railroad Denim Free to Be purse came Friday. I normally carry big purses, but I must admit this one held just what I needed for a quick run to Walmart and the store.

My sister ordered this little camper coin purse. It is adorable.  

There are some new puddings out. Hubby bought the Almond Joy, Hershey Bar and Mounds. I made him the Mounds first. It was very good, but the texture was a little weird with the coconut flakes in pudding. But he loved it. 

After eating a small bowl of it, he asked me if I could make it into a pie. So I bought a pre-made graham cracker pie crust, put the pudding in it and covered it with Cool Whip. I had a couple of miniature mounds bars so I used my nutmeg grader to make chocolate sprinkles on the top. I put it in the freezer and made it like an ice cream pie. It was delicious. Not to mention it turned out kind of pretty if I do say so myself.

While I was at Walmart, I decided to breeze through the kitchen section. I have been looking for a new tablecloth. I found one that had a matching rug and dishtowel. Now just to find time to put it all out. This has all the colors of my Pyrex collection.

I love beach themed books. Especially the ones from the Low Country in SC. My all time favorite was Sweetgrass by Mary Alice Monroe. Needless to say when a friend told me about her new trilogy regarding three sisters and that it took place in the Low Country, I had to have it. I can't wait to get started on it. 

Vacation Bible School starts this week. It is Ageny D3 as the theme. My granddaughter requested that our craft be glasses for disguise to go with the VBS spy theme. I found these at Walmart for just $2.50 for the everything. 

VBS officially started last night. It was a blast as usual. I am helping with the music & motions for the 2 - 5 year old. They are in three different classes. I would say all total we had about 40-50 kids in those age groups that came to activity time. The 5 year old class had 22 attending just from that age group.


Terri D. said...

VBS - SO important for our children! They are lucky to have you helping/leading! You are so creative and fun, and that is what they will remember. It helps set the tone for their entire lives. What a blessing!!

Rachel said...

I love my coin purse! Can't wait to get it. I am going to try that mounds pie. Sounds good. Mounds was one of Dad's favorite candy bar. Remember? I love your table cloths.