Summer sales

I don't know about your area of the world, but here in Kodak, Tennessee yard sales have been pathetic this year. There have not been as many as usual. People are not advertising them. And when they do advertise or I do stumble upon one, they don't have squat as far as good stuff goes. I still have some Pyrex I'm looking for and even our antique stores are having the same old things when I go because they are being priced to high. Here are some of the things I am looking for. 

Pyrex Green Medallion Promotional Cinderella Bowl

I just love seeing how others display their Pyrex so I can get ideas. I just wish I could find some new stuff to display.


Happy birthday, Shelby

Today, my granddaughter Shelby turned 6 years old. She has a very unique personality and you never know what she is going to come up with next. The other night, her mom found her playing Ninja.

She has her own sense of style...right or wrong...she doesn't care. She loves to accessorize.

She believes she is a princess and will sometimes make you hold your hand out to help from the car like she is really royalty. 

Whether she is being a rock star....

Or using her mommy's Kindle for an x-ray machine for her mini dolls...

She eventually wears herself down and crashes...even in the middle of a snack. 

She is a bundle of energy that looks just like her mommy. 

Shelby                                                      Her Mommy

Happy birthday, Shelby Rayne, we love you no matter how quirky you get.

My trip...

I must say my trip to Thirty-One National Conference was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I was packed and ready to leave by 5:30 the day we departed. Of course, everything I packed was in a Thirty-One bag.

By 6:30 all five of us were packed and on the road for the six hour drive to Columbus, Ohio.

Once we passed the Cincinnati Bengals & Reds stadiums I felt like we were getting on the last leg of our journey.

We stayed at the Columbus Marriott Northwest. The staff was fantastic and the rooms were very luxurious. It was great to get a good night sleep every night because our days were filled. 

Once we got checked in, we caught one of the deluxe shuttle buses to take us to registration.

My first look of the Columbus skyline.

We went straight in the Convention Center to get our registration packets.

We got our first amenity along with all kinds of goodies.

We all just sat down in a hallway to look at our stuff and put our name badges together with our ribbons and buttons. 

Then we walked a couple of blocks to the Nationwide Arena for our first look at over 14,000 Thirty-One sisters.

Our fonder, Cindy Monroe's, husband Scott and his band were warming up the crowd. We got to hear them play before and during every session. They were awesome. 

Then Cindy herself took the stage. It gave new meaning to the statement "And the crowd goes wild." Everyone was on their feet. You would have thought you were at the biggest rock concert in history. It was awesome. 

We had a lot of presenters and speakers, but my favorite was Leigh Anne Tuohy who was made famous when her family story was told in The Blind Side. She was fabulous. Very down to hearth and very hilarious. She was one of my favorite speakers of the weekend. My other favorite was Lisa Harper, you need to check her out on You Tube. She was awesome.

We had a lot of entertainment and information brought to us by the home office staff. Pink was everywhere you looked. 

Here was our group with our director Colleen (far right, second row). This was a fabulous bunch of gals and I loved the opportunity to get to know them all better. 

Photo: Loving my Thirty-One sisters!! Missing Danielle Huguet Russell, Elizabethanne Chica Mercer, Katie Boleware and Elaine Wallis

Colleen got us all a little gift for attending conference. I love my new bag.

When they said they painted Columbus pink, they weren't kidding. I had my picture made with the Pink Man. He never talked or cracked a smile the whole time we saw him. Upon under the tents behind him was a band made up of home office staff. They call themselves The Rolling Totes and they were out of this world. The first morning we got there they played for a huge patio party for us before the first general session.

And of course I did some shopping at the Conference Store while I was there and naturally I had to have my picture made with the giant tote.

Between the freebies they gave us and the stuff I got at the store, I came home with lots and lots of goodies. PLUS they told us they are shipping us a box with a few more things in it that should arrive this week or next week. I can't wait.

I got to meet my National Executive Director, Misty Thomas. That was awesome. I even sat with her during part of the Friday General Session. I had to stop by her "tower" and leave a note. She is a fabulous NED and I am very proud to be in her down-line.

On our last night we got to attend an awards dinner for all the gals that promoted up this year.

It was a great time and the dinner was delicious. Steak, chicken, mashed potatoes and some veggies with assorted cheesecake for dessert.

We all got together afterwards for a group photo on our last night. 

But the best part was getting a sneak peak at the new patterns and products for fall. This is the new enrollment kit that new consultants who sign up after the 16th of August will get....for just $99. It's an awesome kit. We did get a catalog and more are being sent to us. I am loving all the new products that I got to see.

My favorite is the mini Cindy tote. I just fell in love with this in the gray houndstooth.

And in the plum tweed. I may just have to buy them both.

Well, as you can imagine, I had a very fun-filled, action packed trip and I have been pretty exhausted. But I am finally getting my energy back.


Back in the groove....

When I went out of town last week, I took a little blogging break. Now I'm back and having a hard time getting back in the groove.

I had an awesome time and got lots of goodies which I plan on sharing with you one day this week. 

I am very motivated to get my Thirty-One business into a higher level. 

I promise to be back to daily blogging tomorrow. 


Where have I been?

Have you been wondering where I've been? I have been at Thirty-One National Conference for the past three days. We are on our way back home right now from Columbus, Ohio. 

It was an awesome experience to be at the conference. I  have taken lots of pictures and seen lots of new products. I'm sure I'll be updating you with some pictures of my trip in the next few days.

But for today, I just want to say that I am so glad to be heading home. I have missed hubby so much and can't wait to get back home. I will be back to writing tomorrow. 


Super busy morning....

Just stopping in to say Happy Monday. It is 7:10 a.m. and I have already made lemon cookies, did two loads of laundry, colored my hair then washed and styled it. Plus several other items on my to do list. It's going to be a busy day. Busy, busy, busy!


So much rain.....

It sprinkled on and off yesterday and late yesterday even a nice steady rain set in. The kind that just lulls you to sleep. 

After supper, I grabbed my book and my blankie and snuggled up on the couch to read while hubby watched TV. 

We went to bed earlier than usual so we could go to sleep listening to the rain. Every time I woke up it was still raining. I was wide awake at 4:30 so I got up and headed to the couch again thinking I might be able to doze a little longer. 

It didn't work. It was raining so hard the rain kept me awake. I finally just got up at 5:30. 
I am running out to Walmart to pick up some last minute supplies I need for an upcoming trip. Then I am picking up some of the grandchildren to come spend the night. Hope everybody has a great weekend.


Friday Fun

And this last one made me laugh out loud!


Throwback Thursday

My Garretson ancestor's home town of Nellis, West Virginia in 1926. Daddy would have been 3 at the time they lived here. 

My great grandfather the Reverend Patrick Lawson Garretson. 

My Grandpa Garretson, Aunt Stella, Aunt Elsie, Grandma Garretson, Aunt Dorothy and Stella's boys. 

My Uncle Sebert Garretson. He was only 16 in these pictures. He worked in the coal mines and died when he was in his early 20's. I can't recall what happened but I believe he was killed in the coal mines.