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A good find....

I normally wait till I get done with my weekend running to post pics of any good finds that happen. But I was so excited with yesterday. My friend, Stevie, and I went to some yard sales and picked up some pretty decent deals. I'll post those on Tuesday. However, when we were done with the yard sales, I asked Stevie is she wanted to run to the big antique mall on the main strip.

 And since she was needing her Pyrex fix same as I was, we went. When we went to the booth on the second floor where you are always guaranteed to see tons of Pyrex, I was looking at eye level and wasn't seeing anything that caught my eye when she pointed down and said isn't that the pattern one of your new pieces was in?

So I looked down and saw this......

And when I saw it was in mint condition....with the right lid...which is rare around here, I fell love. When I saw it was only $15 I knew it was coming home with me. I am very excited to add this to my collection.


ThrifterSisters said...

I've never seen that piece before. What an awesome find! I'll bet it made your weekend :-)


Barbara said...

How clever you are to picture the hand pointing down to your Pyrex find! You are so creative! Happy shopping!