Comforter Complaints

To use the line made famous by Joan Rivers...Can we talk? First I want to complain about comforters. I looked everywhere for a beach quilt for the grandkids room. I could not find anything I liked. So I checked out comforters. I finally found one that I thought looked "beachy" with the blue and white stripes. I found some cute anchor material to make some throw pillows for the bed.


Once I put the look together, I am not happy with the comforter. It doesn't stay on the bed well. It was apparently an irregular because there are two seams at weird places that cause it not to lay well. Removing the seams is not an option because even without them it is too poofy and not at all what I want for that room. I am going back to my original plan of finding a quilt. I really like this one, but can only find it online. I hate ordering something like this sight unseen, but I may bite the bullet and go for it. I just can't find anything else I like.

We are going to the beach in September and there is a linen store there. I may hold off and see what they have that I like. I went to their website and did see this pattern that was very pretty.


I found this one online that I kind of like. Just not real sure though.

I did fall in love with this one that said "Low prices guaranteed." But when I visited the site and saw the low price of $139.99 for just the quilt...uh...NO. That's is So not my price range for a store bought assembly line made quilt. But it sure is pretty.

I'll just have to keep looking.


Kim said...

I was just complaining about my duvet. It moves around inside the cover and always looks lumpy. I may switch to a quilt too

Terri D said...

All your choices are nice and would look great in your beachy room. Keep us posted on your choice!!