Help! I need advice...

As you may know, I am redoing my office/craft room in my house....one area at a time. There is one area that is giving me grief. This is my craft table. It holds my sewing machine and a few craft baskets, which I have to move out of the way when I craft. The table is ugly. The brown legs are hideous. But it works and I can't find anything to replace it that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I am wondering what it would look like with a table skirt around the legs so you don't have to see them. My friend gave me one to try and it was gorgeous but it ended up not working because the pattern just didn't end up going with the rest of my decor. So I went online. this would be easy, but I still think the pattern is just too busy for the small space I have in my craft room. 

If I could figure a way to use a spring loaded curtain rod, something like this might work if I could find the right curtains. 

I really, really love this since I have a lot of teacups and teapots in that room. The lace would be perfect. However, the table sets in front of the window and has long lace panel curtains. So I tried holding a lace table cloth up just to see the look and WOW you CAN get too much lace. 

This was kind of cute to me, but again it is a little too busy.

I know this is around a sink, not a table, but I love it. If I could find a vintage tablecloth that might work.

Basic and simple. I could just use solid fabric or even something with just a very small Swiss dot pattern.

Here is another one that did the curtain rod with curtains. If I can just figure a way for the curtain rod to hook under the table.

Very simple, very easy. Very plain.

If I could just find a wooden table like this, I could easily do the curtain thing. Of course if the table was pretty, I probably wouldn't be worried about hiding part of it.

I would appreciate any advice at all on how to cover these unsightly legs.


Rachel said...

You could Velcro material to the table. That would look so good . Then you would have storage under your table. Your stuff would be out of sight.

Terri D said...

Rachel said it first. Velcro. It is AMAZING. I have it holding up curtain rods in the guest room. You can buy it for all weight strengths. It would even hold a curtain rod, if you get the right hook size. Go for it!