I See...or do I?

My daughter-in-law sent me this picture last week. I absolutely cracked up. I have tri-focals but I also have several pairs of reading glasses. I never can remember which pair to put on and I am forever changing them throughout the day. 

This made me stop to figure out just how many pairs do I have? Well, I have my regular progressive lens standard glasses that I wear the majority of the time.

Then I have my favorite reading glasses that I got for $7 at Walmart that I use when I read or craft. 

Then I have my reading glasses that I keep at work when I am doing all that close up paperwork required in my job. I got these at Dollar Tree. 

Then I have the pair of spare reading glasses at home from the Dollar Tree that I use when I can't remember where I put the fancy Walmart ones. 

I also have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I got at Dr. Bizer's when I got my regular glasses. These are progressive lenses so I can read or drive in them. 

But I have noticed that they are not as easy to read through if I am at the beach so I bought these at the Dollar Tree to wear when I go to the beach or pool or riding in the car. 

Then I bought some clip on sunglasses for about $6 bucks at Walmart for those times when I don't want to fool with changing my prescription glasses to my prescription sunglasses. 

Then if I am at the beach and I just want some big shades to set and watch the ocean, I got a pair of big black regular sunglasses at the Dollar Tree. These are just good for sitting in the sun catching some rays. They go good with my blue and black Hawaiian swimsuit. 

But sometimes I wear my orange and yellow Hawaiian swimsuit so I had to get a big pair of brown ones for the same purpose as the black. 

All I can say is thank goodness for the Dollar Tree. 

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Terri D said...

I have my progressives that I wear most of the time, and I have prescription computer glasses that I use at work. I can see up close without my glasses, so reading isn't a problem. My progressives don't do a good job for me, working on the computer, so I have 'computer glasses'. I forget I have them on, sometimes, and start walking toward the elevator before I realize I can't really see where I'm going!