Lady in Pink

My mind has been going round and round on what I want to do in my office. Yesterday, I wanted to go rustic/vintage or something like that. But then I looked around at all my pinks, blues, yellows, tea pots, tea cups, doilies and other various girly stuff and realized I would have to invest a fortune in redoing a whole new theme. 

So I was back to square one. I decided since I am a girly girl and I work for a company who is all about women, I decided my home office will continue in the same office color scheme, but will do most of my organizing by using things I already have. The only thing I got done so far, was to use my empty milk glass bowl to hold my postcards and I put that with a decor setting I already had. 

I've been using this for awhile now, but I just moved where I had it and put my paperclips in it on my desk.

Since I have tea stuff everywhere in my office because I collect it, I decided to use this short fat tea pot for a pencil holder.

I moved one of my milk glass flower vases to my desk. I am liking the look so far. 

I have a board in my home office where I keep my motivational pictures and my rewards for selling Thirty-One, but most of these are older from the past couple of years.

When I got back from national conference, I took one of the little cards that had our theme "Dream it, Be it" on it and found a pink scrapbook I have that I have never used. 

This box is full of scrapbook paper and embellishments so I am going to take everything off my board and use it for current items and keep the memories in the above scrapbook so I can look back at my achievements and successes when business is slow.

Well, I 'm going to head to the local office supply store today. I want to find some brocade pieces to organize my desk.

I saw that Office Max carries them so I am going to head that way today.

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Terri D. said...

You chose well!! Your pink, girly things are lovely.