Update on my Pyrex Collection

It's been awhile since I showed my Pyrex and vintage collection. AS you can see I am starting to find some great pieces in the Town and Country and the Colonial Mist. I love these two sets. I was lucky enough to get a black gooseberry, but only one bowl.

More of the Town and Country which is fast becoming one of my favorites. I finally acquired the black barbed wire I have been wanting forever.

I did get my first bowl in the Autumn Harvest pattern. Hoping to add some more soon in that pattern. 

I adore my Shenandoah Cinderella set...ALL FOUR BOWLS. They are so hard to find around here. They were a Christmas gift from one of my best friends. I found my vintage pitcher and tulip mug at a local thrift shop called His and Hers.

My baker dishes on the right are some of the ones I have been looking for three years for. Found them all this summer and the most expensive one was $10.00. Still love my little Holt Howard Kitties I found on E-bay for just $9. 

I love my 441 Cinderella's in the Town and Country (that was my first T & C bowl and it was a gift from my son and his family). I also have the Butterfly Gold in that bowl. I have the Butterprint in that as well, but hubby was using it at the time of my photo shoot. I have a couple of Hazel Atlas cups that I just love. Looked hard and long for those and found them at a road side flea market stand for just .75 cents each. 

I don't know why, but I love little pitchers. I do not know if these are vintage or not, but I thought they were cute. 

One of my favorite Town and Country pieces and Hubby has confiscated it to hold his miniature Hershey mix. 

This is a new piece my friend gave me. She said I can keep it or trade it. I think I will trade it. Now just to find somebody who needs the dots and has something good to trade. 

Well, there you have it. My next piece I want is one of the Friendship pattern. May go look this weekend. 


ThrifterSisters said...

Love watching your collection grow! I'll bet it makes you smile every time you look at it, doesn't it?

That yellow New Dots is a pretty rare and hard to find piece. Make sure you trade it for something good!


Terri D said...

I did not know Pyrex was so collectible until I found your blog! I actually have several pieces at home that I need to dig out and look at more closely! You have an amazing collection!