Upside down

I feel like I have been upside down for over a week. I just am not having time to blog in the mornings like I used to. I figure I will just do it at night and then the evening gets away from me. Hubby's scheduled has changed and then changed again. I am trying to implement everything I learned at conference into my business. I am just about to wear myself out. I need to stop, take a deep breath and get rid of the feeling that I am standing on my head. 

To let you know how crazy mixed up I have been....I ordered my fall add on kit from Thirty-One and got the shipping notice today and I had completely forgotten I had ordered it. 

And even worse, I made brownies Saturday and forgot to eat any yesterday!!!!

OH MY WORD! I can't have that happening. Think I'll go get some ice cold milk and have a brownie...or two.

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Terri D. said...

Stress will certainly make you feel upside down! Take a deep breath, prioritize, and know that it doesn't all have to be done right now. I can only imagine how your head is spinning, after the conference, and all the great things you saw and learned. Keep us posted, as you can, and put your worries away.