An exciting day ahead.....

Hubby and I are taking day to head out and do some shopping. We are going to an antique/flea market about an hour away. I'm very excited about it because it is 13,000 square feet. I am not sure what they will have but I am sure there will be lots of neat things to look at. 


Of course, since I don't know what I'm looking for it doesn't really matter what they have. It just promises to be an awesome day. 


After that, we are going to head over to Old Time Pottery. I want to look and see if they have any of these fall candle holders. 

Fall Glass Candleholders

Or these fabric pumpkins. My cousin makes them but I don't live close enough to her for her to teach me how. I may just buy one since they are only $3.99. Then maybe I can inspect them and determine how to make them. 

Fabric Pumpkins

I also want to look for these little elves on ladders while they are on sale as well. I love little elves at Christmas time. 

Elf on Ladder

After that, there is a yarn shop I want to stop by. I will be in 7th heaven with all these new yarns. I get so tired of the same old yarns at AC Moore and Walmart. I want a particular color of orange that I can't find anywhere else. 

Well, as you can see I have a busy day planned. Hope you have a great day as well. 

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