Over the hump day...

I had a four day weekend and then worked on Tuesday and I am sitting here feeling relieved that it is over the hump day. 

Sometimes we just need the weekend to recuperate from the four days off. 

On another note, I am thoroughly disgusted with UPS at the moment. I have a vacation coming and I ordered a bag 2 weeks ago from Thirty-One to be used on my vacation. UPS received the package and deemed it one they can transfer in their new program where they give packages to the post office to deliver for them. 

So on one day early last week the tracking number showed that my package was at the Knoxville post office and would be delivered to my house that day. It didn't come. So I checked the next morning and it had ended up in Elizabethton over an hour East of me. SOOO.... Elizabethton was redirecting it back to Koxville but it turned out that someone put it in the wrong return and instead of sending it back to Knoxville post office, they returned it to UPS...IN MEMPHIS. Keep in mind I am in East Tennessee and Memphis is as far West Tennessee as you can go. So now Memphis UPS has to give it back to the USPS in Memphis who has to ship it back to Knoxville who then has to deliver it to me. Do I feel confident that this will happen correctly? Not one bit. I just want my new bag before my trip. I want to use it the day we go on Captain Anderson's cruise to Shell Island and to Dolphin Watch. It better get here soon.

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Terri D said...

Keep us posted about the delivery!