Saying goodbye to September...

It's time to bid adieu to September and embrace October. I need to get my fall decorating done. I'm running behind on it this year. One of the first things I set out in fall is my Harvest Angel 

I will still be wearing flip flops on the warmer days, but it is time to look for new fall tennis shoes. Something I can wear socks with on those cool fall days. I am thinking Nike because it has been years since I had Nike. I think they were even more comfortable than my Skechers. 

I also need to pick me up a zip up hoodie for fall. I don't like heavy jackets. I will probably go with a basic gray Old Navy jacket. 

I am on the prowl for a new cup for my hot chocolate. I am always on the prowl for new cups. Something with lots of room for marshmallows. I would love to find some of these.

Hubby and I are both off today so we may go to some antique stores this morning. Just not sure what we want to do today, but I know it will be fun.



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