Top 10 Things I forgot about...

I love pinning to Pinterest, but have a bad habit of forgetting to go back and see what I pinned. So I sat down last night and went through all my pins and organized them a little better. I found some things I had forgotten about. Like the fact that I wanted to find a vintage set of Melmac or Melamine dishes. 

melmac ware

I also forgot how much I loved this manicure. One of these days I am going to have something whimsical done to my nails. 

Pink and sparkle music note nails

I found these shoes I had pinned last fall and didn't get around to buying a pair. I'm going to try to get some this year.

These look very comfy.By Skechers
This was something I pinned from a party I had. I made mini cornbread muffins and used my Pampered Chef Bamboo tray and my vintage butter pat.

Martha White Mini Cornbread Muffins

I keep looking for these Nantucket style baskets for my beach room. I have the starfish, I just need the baskets. 

Some baskets for the wall to add some contrasting color

I forgot I had pinned this. I need to find some frames that I can "dress up" in colors for my office and put my grandbabies pics in them to set on my credenza.

turquoise and gray

I need to find this pitcher and get me some colorful kitchen gadgets.

Pastel pink kitchen aids

I did remember this post. I actually did my fingernails like this for National Conference except my shade of pink was different. But I did have the one glitter nail. I loved it.

40 Stylish Pink Nail Art Ideas

I haven't forgotten that I want to find these plastic deer. I am still looking for them.

Vintage reindeer

And every winter my pins remind me to look for a Fair Isle sweater that I like but no luck so far.

Vintage Ralph Lauren Fair Isle Sweater ... loving it.

See, every once in awhile it pays to look back at everything you pin on Pinterest.

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