Happy Halloween

It's time for monster madness and ghoulish games. Hubby and I stay in and hope to see some cuties come by our door. But where we live, we haven't had a trick-or-treater in 3 years. 

And it is cold tonight so we don't expect any this year either. We did pick up some miniature candy bars just in case. Of course we got our favorites so if we get stuck with them

If you do go out tonight with the little ones, everybody be careful and stay safe.


Knitting with no patience

One of my faults is my lack of patience. This is especially noticeable when I knit. I love, love, love to knit. But I love, love, love projects that I can finish in a short amount of time. This is not something you can normally do with knitting. So I am looking for ideas on quick things to make. First thing I found were these cute coasters. I would gather you could make them as big or as small as you wanted. These would easy.

I am looking everywhere for this. I saw it on Pinterest, but when I click the link it just takes me to somebody else who pinned it on Pinterest. Nobody seems to know where it originated. All I know is it said you could do this in an hour because of the drop stitch pattern it uses.

These wouldn't take long either. They are called boot cuffs. I think they are cute.

But my favorite is where they took their scrap yarn and just knitted small blocks and sewed them together. I would like to try this.  

I also saw this on Pinterest, but couldn't find a link to find what the 10 projects were that you could do in an hour.

Guess I will just keep scouring the web.


We have a new baby....

My nephew Jacob and his wife Brooke have blessed us with a new little blessing today. Welcome to the world Ms. Adriel Grace. 

We are all so excited that she waited until her Daddy made it home from the Marine Corp before she arrived.  

Now she is not only our newest member of the family, but in true family tradition she is also a member of the Big Bow Club and the Cute as a Button club. 

Congratulations Jake & Brooke. She is beautiful.


It's a crazy world...

Sometimes you just have one of those days and sometimes it turns into one of those weeks. I feel like I am about to lose my mind these last two day. Nothing bad, just crazy little things that make me feel like it must be a full moon. When in reality there isn't much moon at all.

I have had a front door that popped open by itself with nobody around. A computer that re-downloaded programs that have been on it for 6 months. A lady who was supposed to arrange to meet me and just showed up and waited for me without letting me know she was coming or telling me she was there.

Then there was the fact that it was a beautiful day with the temps in the mid-high 70's. I drove home with my window down only to watch the news and see they are calling for a drop in temps by the weekend and a high on Saturday of 46 with possible rain mixed with snow. Seriously?

But rather than think about all this gloom and doom, I would rather focus on the good things ... like the fact that I am going to go relax in a hot tub of bubbles. Then hubby is fixing my favorite supper of bacon, eggs, biscuits and bacon gravy with breakfast potatoes. After supper is another night of the Knockout Rounds on The Voice and I got a sneak peak at some of Thirty-One's December specials.

I love bacon gravy so all is right with my world again.


Weekend wrap up

I was in the mood to get my office better organized. I use it for Thirty-One, a craft room, and my sewing room. Organization has become very disorganized. I moved furniture around, but I'm not done with the new look yet so pictures will follow soon. I did some discount shopping at Family Dollar this weekend and found this set of cubes. 

I also picked up these little red organizing baskets. 

While I was at Joann's Saturday, I picked up some more yarn to make my little ornaments for my craft room tree. Some of my friends and I are gathering next Saturday for a craft party and I needed to get some supplies for the crafts. 

I have been looking for red and blue spatulas for my kitchen Christmas display. I found these and just had to have them. I had a 50% coupon so together I only paid a little over $3.00.

When we craft, we are going to make Christmas no sew runners so I picked up some material.

I am not sure what I am putting on these, but I picked up these tea towels for some primitive stitching.

I found some cute Christmas scrapbook paper on clearance. I have some project ideas in mind for these. 

I liked these as well. I think the top one will be used for my Jingle All The Way craft.

Now to finish getting organized.


A life lesson from a child....You can't put Jesus in a box.

I have a TV that is going out and found someone who buys used TV's to come and get it. As I was unhooking everything to move it out of the kids room, I saw something in their TV stand that I had forgotten about. It was a nativity snow globe.

My mind went back to last Christmas when I was packing up everything to put it away for another year. My daughter had stopped by with my granddaughter Shelby, who was 5 at the time. When Shelby saw I was packing up my nativity sets, she snatched this one up and asked me "What are you doing?" When I explained that I was packing up everything till next Christmas, she politely said this to me:

"Mamaw, you can't put Jesus in a box all year. I need him out where we can see him all the time." 

My heart just melted. What a lesson. And to have to have a 5 year old point it out to you. God should never be locked away in a box. He should be on display in our lives at all times. 

So glad I had somebody to remind me of that.


When one thing leads to another....

Last night was one of those "chain of events" nights that start out with a "I was just thinking...." and ends with a "How did that happen?" 

Hubby and I met up after work to go to the store. We had a hard time deciding on supper. We got a new desktop computer earlier this week and I sat down to give it a whirl after supper. Hubby mentioned he had written down some new recipes the other day when he was online. That triggered the issue of our printer being in my home office, but since I love the new big screen computer, I spend more time on it. 

That led to a discussion that I wish the printer was in the living room. Which led to a discussion about wishing we had a stand or table it would fit on. Which led to a discussion about a little table in my office that holds a small TV I never watch. Do you see where this conversation is headed? Yes, the printer ended up in the living room beside the desk and hooked up to the new computer. Which also led to us moving my file basket into the living room to hold paper and labels for printing. 

Now I was left with my little TV that I never watch and nothing for it to set on. Which led to the discussion that the TV in kids room is slowly going out and we are going to eventually get a new one for their room. Which made me decide to go ahead and move the small one from my office to their room so I could get rid of the big one they had that is starting to make weird noises and we have to unplug it when it is not in use. So that led to me moving everything off their TV to replace it with my office one.

So after all that, we were ready to relax and I sat BACK down at the computer and we went back to talking about recipes...which led to a discussion about he saw a divided Fiesta ware plate on something that had three sections for eating. He really liked it and he said that got him to thinking and he wondered if we could find any vintage plates that were divided. 

Well, since I was already at the computer, I just typed in Vintage divided plates. And lo and behold, some popped up on Ebay and guess what? They were PYREX!!!


And to make it even better, this is a pattern that I already have a platter and a bowl in. 

So guess what I ended up ordering. You're right. The three plates. It was just $5 for the set. Just gotta love a night that starts out with plans to totally relax and veg out and ends up with a furniture being rearranged and Pyrex being ordered.


A new outfit...

First, let me say that I have not ironed the following clothes yet and that the pictures were taken at 5:30 this morning so they are not the best in the world.

But I finally found me a pair of "skinny" jeans I like. Yes, they are still basic Mom jeans. But I am 57 years old with a body shape to prove it, so if I wear Mom jeans, I have earned that right. I do like these those because they have the narrow legs down around the ankles so I can at least feel "skinny" even though I haven't seen skinny in more years than I want to think about. I also found me a new top to go with the skinny jeans. I love tops like this that can cover the fact that skinny hasn't shown up on your door step recently. The jeans are actually a medium blue, but the bad lighting makes them look darker than they really are.

For the first time in I don't know when, I am NOT carrying a Thirty-One purse today. (GASP!) About 6 or 7 years ago, my boss at the time gave us gift certificates from Belk for Christmas. I had been eye-balling this Aigner tote that entire Christmas season, but it was $49.00 so I didn't mention it to Santa. After Christmas at sale time, I took my gift certificate and went back and snagged it for $19.00.  It is still one of my favorite purses I have ever owned. 

Somethings I just can't part with. And one of those things is my shoes I got at Bass over 15 years ago. They come and go as far as "in style" goes. They need a good shoe shine right now, but they are still in great shape and one of the most comfortable shoes I own. I thought they would go good with my new outfit.

While I was trying to find everything to complete this ensemble, I got out my favorite bracelet. I wear this a lot on the weekends and to church, but I rarely wear watches or bracelets to work because I type all day and they tend to get in the way. This was a gift from my son's family and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own. I think it will look great with this outfit.


Subway Art

I see little signs and pictures all over the internet that are just a bunch of words randomly on a page that all revolve around one subject. I think they are just adorable. It would be so easy to use these for craft projects. Well, I just found out they have a name....Subway Art. Many of you probably already knew that because I am so behind the times sometimes. But here are some of the ones I saw that I love.

October/Halloween themed

Fall/Thanksgiving themed

Christmas themed. There were several of these I liked. Would love to here which of these Christmas ones are your favorite. 

Christmas #1

Christmas #2

Christmas #3

Christmas #4

Valentine's Day themed

Easter themed

4th of July themed

Vacation at the beach themed

Disney World vacation themed

And for the home....

The laundry room...

And finally,the craft room.

These are just too cute.