A life lesson from a child....You can't put Jesus in a box.

I have a TV that is going out and found someone who buys used TV's to come and get it. As I was unhooking everything to move it out of the kids room, I saw something in their TV stand that I had forgotten about. It was a nativity snow globe.

My mind went back to last Christmas when I was packing up everything to put it away for another year. My daughter had stopped by with my granddaughter Shelby, who was 5 at the time. When Shelby saw I was packing up my nativity sets, she snatched this one up and asked me "What are you doing?" When I explained that I was packing up everything till next Christmas, she politely said this to me:

"Mamaw, you can't put Jesus in a box all year. I need him out where we can see him all the time." 

My heart just melted. What a lesson. And to have to have a 5 year old point it out to you. God should never be locked away in a box. He should be on display in our lives at all times. 

So glad I had somebody to remind me of that.

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Debbie Huffaker said...

How precious. Grands are awesome!