A new outfit...

First, let me say that I have not ironed the following clothes yet and that the pictures were taken at 5:30 this morning so they are not the best in the world.

But I finally found me a pair of "skinny" jeans I like. Yes, they are still basic Mom jeans. But I am 57 years old with a body shape to prove it, so if I wear Mom jeans, I have earned that right. I do like these those because they have the narrow legs down around the ankles so I can at least feel "skinny" even though I haven't seen skinny in more years than I want to think about. I also found me a new top to go with the skinny jeans. I love tops like this that can cover the fact that skinny hasn't shown up on your door step recently. The jeans are actually a medium blue, but the bad lighting makes them look darker than they really are.

For the first time in I don't know when, I am NOT carrying a Thirty-One purse today. (GASP!) About 6 or 7 years ago, my boss at the time gave us gift certificates from Belk for Christmas. I had been eye-balling this Aigner tote that entire Christmas season, but it was $49.00 so I didn't mention it to Santa. After Christmas at sale time, I took my gift certificate and went back and snagged it for $19.00.  It is still one of my favorite purses I have ever owned. 

Somethings I just can't part with. And one of those things is my shoes I got at Bass over 15 years ago. They come and go as far as "in style" goes. They need a good shoe shine right now, but they are still in great shape and one of the most comfortable shoes I own. I thought they would go good with my new outfit.

While I was trying to find everything to complete this ensemble, I got out my favorite bracelet. I wear this a lot on the weekends and to church, but I rarely wear watches or bracelets to work because I type all day and they tend to get in the way. This was a gift from my son's family and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own. I think it will look great with this outfit.

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