An awesome trade....

I paid a visit to my favorite antique store on my day off Monday. It's funny because I used to never go in there because the name sounded fancy. But my daughter-in-law found a piece of my favorite pattern of Pyrex in there and when she told me how the inside was, now it is my favorite.

I took some of my trade Pyrex for her to see and she decided on three of the 403 mixing bowls I had. So I went shopping for my trade items. The first thing I spotted was....you guessed it a snowflake pattern. It is a 474 Snowflake Garland bowl. 

The next piece I found was the 024 Garland Branch

I have been looking everywhere for the pitcher in milk glass that is not a creamer, but not a tea pitcher. She had one yesterday and I snapped it up. I have plans for this at Christmas. Stay tuned.

And last but so exciting was this vintage Dickson deer and sleigh from the 1950's. I fell in love with it and added it to my pile. It did come outside the range of my trade value. But it was only $6.00 so I gladly paid that for it. I came home and Googled it. The only one I can find on line is on an Etsy shop and it is going for $95.00! Apparently I got a good deal. I always think of the Thrifter Sisters when I find vintage Christmas. I really wish they could make a trip to Tudor House. One entire section is nothing but vintage Christmas and the prices are awesome. 

I was very excited with all my trades. Now I just have one more piece of Pyrex for my snowflake collection that I am looking for. I will probably make the rounds on Saturday after my C & C meeting to see if I can find the Snowflake divided dish.


ThrifterSisters said...

That deer is so sweet and an awesome find! I have never seen it before. I have been really disciplined with the vintage Christmas. I have SO much that I am going to have to sell some. I wish we had an antique mall here that did trade!


Theresa said...

I cant give up my one and only vintage pyrex bowl. It was my grandmother's and I can only imagine the history of the pieces you bought

Terri D said...

You have such good luck on your hunting trips!! I would love to tag along with you someday!!