Happy Birthday, Colby James

Four years ago today we got our 5th grandchild. He has been a sheer joy to watch grow over the past four years. His personality is one of a kind and he keeps you laughing and keeps you on your toes. I just can't believe he is turning four. Where do the years go?

Everybody was amazed at how much hair he had. He was so sweet and cuddly.

He is all boy with those sneaky little looks that makes you wonder what he is up to.

He loves sports....baseball, football, basketball, soccer, racing,,,,,anything. And he normally wants to participate on the sidelines at any game he attends.

Even with all his energy, he still has his moments of sitting quietly and playing cars. 

Sometimes he is just outside working on the lawn. 

Point a camera at this cutie and you will definitely get a big smile. 

He is full of giggles and grins and tons of fun.

Sometimes he wears himself out and just crashes wherever he is. 

We love you so very, very much. Happy birthday, Colby James. 

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