Subway Art

I see little signs and pictures all over the internet that are just a bunch of words randomly on a page that all revolve around one subject. I think they are just adorable. It would be so easy to use these for craft projects. Well, I just found out they have a name....Subway Art. Many of you probably already knew that because I am so behind the times sometimes. But here are some of the ones I saw that I love.

October/Halloween themed

Fall/Thanksgiving themed

Christmas themed. There were several of these I liked. Would love to here which of these Christmas ones are your favorite. 

Christmas #1

Christmas #2

Christmas #3

Christmas #4

Valentine's Day themed

Easter themed

4th of July themed

Vacation at the beach themed

Disney World vacation themed

And for the home....

The laundry room...

And finally,the craft room.

These are just too cute. 

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Terri D said...

All good picks!! How can you have a favorite?