Weekend Wrap Up

Technically, my weekend isn't over because I am off today for Columbus Day. I have a to do list for today and if I get everything on it done this morning, I am going to reward myself by taking some of my Pyrex trade items over to the Tudor House. She is going to give me store credit or swap me out Pyrex for Pyrex if she has things I want. She has a lot of Pyrex scattered through out, but she has one booth that is nothing but Pyrex and Vintage Christmas. I am so excited about going there today.

I bought a new Christmas decor at 40% at Hobby Lobby this weekend. It is an ornament with a chalk board. I am going to use it to Countdown to Christmas when I decorate after Thanksgiving.

We had so much rain these past two days. I now have a creek in my backyard where I never had a creek before. It is a mess. 

Because of all the gloomy rain, it did motivate me to finish my decorating for fall and Halloween. I got this ghost at Hobby Lobby Saturday. Isn't he just adorable. I couldn't resist him. Loved the black cat on him as well. That reminds me, I have a little tiny black cat around here somewhere that would look cute in this display. I need to find it.

I also love my little monster from Hobby Lobby.

I got my fall tablecloth out. Of all my seasonal tablecloths, this is my favorite. I love farmhouse kitchen style and this just seems to say old farmhouse.

I used my McCoy pitcher that belonged to Mamaw Eden as my table centerpiece. I usually have a basket for my napkins and one for my salt and pepper shakers. But I went outside my comfort zone and put those items in Pyrex. Ooo la la. Loving it. Now I need to find me some vintage S & P shakers for my table.

These baking dishes are perfect for napkins and I have several in different patterns so I can change them with the holidays.

I'm not sure I like this bowl for the S & P, but it was all I had that matched.

I put my smiling Jack-o-lanterns on the coffee table with my no sew runner I made last year.

I have had this little wire Jack-o-lantern forever. I got this candle a month ago at Dollar General. I have never burned it. We just take the lid off and it is perfect for a fall smell without even burning it. It is Autumn Spice.

My witches corner. I made the chalk board and the pinwheels a couple of years ago. I smudged the wording so I need to go find some chalk to fix it. Did you know that our Walmart doesn't sale chalk? I was surprised. 

Some of my favorite pumpkins.

My new little Harvest guy I got at the beach. I will keep him up through Thanksgiving.

One of my faves to put out every year is my witch that I hang on the front door. I have had her about 10-12 years. She is one of the first Halloween things I set out.

I was so excite at the beach when I found Casper on DVD for just $5.00. I have it on VHS but my VCR tore up. Tonight is The Voice. Tuesday night is The Voice, but Wednesday night is KFC for supper then popcorn and Hershey kisses while hubby and I watch Casper. My favorite Halloween movie. I don't do scary. 

Well, I am going to finish cleaning house...just two rooms left today. Then make another batch of peanut butter Reese cup cookies like I made last Friday. Then I am going to run to exchange my Pyrex and pop over to Joann's real quick for some pearls. Then back home to craft all day and watch The Voice tonight. Love having an extra day off. 


Liz said...

I wasn't going to put out my Halloween decorations this year, but yours look so cute I might be inspired to. I love that tablecloth! Would look great on my farm table! lol.. Have fun swapping today!

Terri D said...

Your displays are all so great! I think the bowl makes a great 'holder' for the S&P!!

I don't decorate for Halloween because we don't go trick or treat anymore. I don't want the kids to think we do, by having decorations in the yard and on the door. Bah-humbug....all we get are older kids who don't need to be begging anymore. It got so it wasn't fun for us, so we don't do it.