Jesus wept...

A re-post from one I wrote on January 2, 2011. I thought it was worth repeating.

Jesus wept - John 11:35

Two powerful words with a profound meaning. Jesus was sent for when Lazarus died. Everyone was mourning his death. Many bible scholars have studied the various meanings of this verse. On the surface, it appears Jesus was weeping for the loss of a dear friend. Other views believe He was weeping for other reasons. Jesus already knew that when Lazarus died, He would raise him from the dead. 

He had spent considerable time with these people. They knew of His many miracles; they witnessed his greatness. Yet they still did not have faith that He could help Lazarus since he had already passed away. Many believe that is why He wept. Not for Lazarus, but for the fact that the very people who were closest to Him still didn't get it. 

Jesus saves. It's that simple. He performs miracle after miracle in our lives. Yet, how many times do we try to do things ourselves because we do not have enough faith to ask for His help. 

If we look back in our lives, how many times have we suffered in silence simply because we did not have a strong enough belief that Jesus can still perform miracles today or felt that we were undeserving of His goodness? How many times have we sat in the stillness of the midnight with our hearts and minds heavy laden? How many times have we struggled in deep despair needlessly? All we had to do was call upon the name of Jesus.

If someone were to write a book about what we have gone through in our lifetime, would there be any moments when our loving Saviour was looking down upon us that someone would simply have to write "Jesus wept."

Do not keep your troubles from Him. He already knows what you are going through. He will carry the load for you if you just ask him to. Take your burdens to the foot of the cross and leave them their. He wants to help if we only let Him. Please don't be the reason that Jesus wept.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Absolutely beautiful. HOPE you have an awesomely blessed SONday! (ps...don't forget the Easter eggs)

Terri D said...

A great post!