My Pyrex trades this week....

I am so excited that I couldn't wait to share my latest trades in my Pyrex group. My first ever pink daisy. I am thrilled. Love it. She's a real beauty.

I collect the Town and Country pattern. It is one of my favorites. It comes in what I call a medallion Hex pattern and in the 8 point star pattern. I don't have any of the 8 point star so I traded an Early American to get one. I. am. in. love. It was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. It is perfect in every way. I just can't believe I got one because I have never seen one in person.

The lady that I traded with put me a little extra something in the package. This beautiful little bell. She had no idea about my love of pink flowers. 

And it went perfect with my little pink display I showed you the other day.

Now for the moment I have been waiting for since early last week. I had a Cinderella set I needed to trade. I posted it in my Pyrex 4 Trade FB group; hoping that somebody would want to do a good trade with me for the whole set and that I could get something I really wanted. The trade was a success and I came home today to this box. 

It weighed 15 pounds. So I knew it was my long awaited for trade. The one that made my heart pound in anticipation. 

I cut it open and she had lots of wonderful packing and padding to prevent breakage.

I pulled the empty egg cartons and the newspapers out to get to the goodies. 

I dug around in the peanuts to make sure I found all the pieces 

I laid them all out on the counter so I could start the process of unpacking.

SCORE! Look what I got for trading one complete Cinderella set. I am so happy I can't stand it. I have longed for something, just anything, in the Horizon Blue. And now I get all this. My very first Horizon Blue. I haven't even seen one in the wild around here so that makes it even more special.

Now to figure how where and how to display them. They are mint condition and deserve a place of honor. I see some rearranging in my near future...like tonight!



ThrifterSisters said...

Congrats on that awesome trade! Horizon Blue is one of my favorite patterns and I am close to completing the set. That refrigerator dish set is the best! isn't that the most beautiful shade of blue? Can't wait to see your new arrangement.

Have an awesome day!


Debbie Huffaker said...

That Horizon Blue is gorgeous. Isn't that sorta the color you're using in your kitchen with red? WOW, what a find!

Terri D said...

Awesome trade and that color is gorgeous! Because of you, I looked for Pyrex at an estate sale I popped in on earlier today. It was a bust (I was looking for a small lamp) all the way around, but I had to chuckle when I caught myself looking for Pyrex! It's YOUR fault! LOL