Planning a craft party...

A few of my friends and I got together in November to make some crafts. It was so much fun, we want to do it again this month.The place we use for our craft parties is huge so we can accommodate a lot of people. We each had our own tables. It was really fun.

Since the last one was for Christmas, I thought this next one could be for Valentine's, Easter and a few things to just leave out year round. One of the easiest things we did that everybody just loved was making candy jars from Mason jars. It is so simple. Glue material or scrapbook paper to the lid and tie a bow or jute & string around the jar. I made this yesterday just from scraps I had and added a few little buttons. These make thoughtful Valentine's gifts for your friends or family.

If you don't like the tied bow around it, you can always just glue ribbon around the jar ring.

This was a cute idea. And very inexpensive.

I love this idea. I need to make some of these bookmarks and give to all my family and friends who love to read. My granddaughter, Alexis, is a avid reader and she would enjoy one for sure.

I would like to do some of these from card stock but on a smaller size so they could set on a desk in a little pot. 

And I am crazy over these. I am going to do these for Children's church. The kids will love them. 

And my oh my aren't these cute! And super simple to make.

These pinwheel flowers are fun to make. I did a batch for Halloween one year. I need to make me some for spring to put in one of my milk glass vases. 

Here is a take on the Mason jars again, only this time for Easter. 

For the past couple of years, we made these every Easter in our Pre-K Sunday School class. I am not sure if I can find plastic eggs before our craft party, but I am going to try. 

This is a super easy bunting to make for any Patriotic holiday.

I have to try these out before I suggest we learn how to make them. But I watched a couple of tutorials and I think it would be easy to do. How cute for homemade cards to go in for mailings.

This is not much in the way of a craft, but I saw this and thought "What an awesome kitchen decor for a baker. I always see pretty colorful cupcake liners, but don't make that many cupcakes. But I just love this idea for sitting on the kitchen shelf. 

I am heading out to A.C. Moore today. You can imagine the shopping list I have. I need to start stocking up on supplies so when the girls want to have our craft party. And of course I am taking my weekly A.C. Moore coupon.


Rachel said...

Your sister would like a bookmark too! Alexis is like me and you. We love to read. Makenzie is going to be like that too. She loves her books!

Debbie Huffaker said...

I was doing some cleaning/straightening one day this week and came across a big bag of Easter eggs. There's a rip in the seam of the bag, which I'll tape up, but you're welcome to them if you want! Just let me know!

Terri D said...

What fun you will have! You always find the cutest things to share with us!