Weekend wrap up

Actually, this is more than a weekend wrap up. This is an accumulation of things I have picked up since Christmas that I just haven't had a chance to share. 

I like to change wallets depending on the purse I'm carrying. Since I take advantage of any rewards card anywhere I shop, I end up having a lot of them to move every time I change out my wallet. So I found this neat little card holder at A.C. Moore one week. It was just $3.00.

I love the accordion style file system inside it. Now to move all my rewards card to it.

That same weekend, A.C. Moore had their photo boxes on sale 5 for $10. So I took advantage of it and bought me 5. I am going to use them for various craft supplies since I have gotten an overflow and ran out of room on my other three little storage bins. I am working on that this week. I will post pics when I get it done.

I went to Joann's to look for some embellishments for a planner I am making for my business. I got the idea from Strange & Charmed. She creates her planner with a whimsical, girly look that has a scrapbook feel to it. I fell in love so I need to work on one for myself. I was in 7th heaven when I discovered Joann's has a whole new section of embellishments. And everything is $1.00 per package. 

They even have the washi tape and ribbons and bling.

I picked up a few things in the ribbon and bow section.

And all these neat little embellishments.

I headed to Office Max to get some pages, files and dividers for my book. 

I am doing mine in a pretty pink and white in the 5.5 x 8.5 size. I already had the binder so I knew what I wanted to go in it.

While I was at Joann's I checked out the material. They had an awesome sale going on and I had some coupons. I picked this out to make a little Valentine runner for my Pyrex shelf. I bought enough to make one for my sister as well. 

I just fell in love with this one. I think I will make Mom something for her kitchen with it. She loves roosters. And yes, Sis, I have enough of this to make you one too if you still have roosters in your kitchen.

But my favorite find is this cat material. I am making something for my craft/sewing room out of this material. I just don't know what yet. 

Well, that catches me up for the past three weekends. Hope everybody has a great Monday.


Rachel said...

I have chickens and roosters in my kitchen and dining room. I would love to have one!

Terri D said...

You are SO creative. I say that in every comment, I think, but it's true.