Fragmented Friday

I called this post fragmented because my mind has fragmented into a thousand different directions with this stupid...though beautiful...snow. It hit sometime Wednesday evening and we worked from home yesterday. By the time the day was done, I was going stir crazy. I went by hubby's puzzle he is working and inserted about 3 or 4 pieces. By that time, I was over it. 

So I moved on and checked out the few pieces left in the big Valentine's candy box that my boss and his wife got us. I found one more butter cream so I ate it.

Then I stopped at the chocolate cake I had made and had me a small bite of that. 

Then I read on my new book for awhile. I love Robyn Carr and her Thunder Point series has been awesome. I was so happy to find the most recent one in the series at the store on Wednesday.

I worked a little while on my Thirty-One planner and started setting my goals for March.

Wednesday night I had an online Facebook Thirty-One party...which I highly recommend if you want to earn some hostess rewards. My hostess just invited her Facebook friends and family and we did a little party online. She earned $40 of free products and one item at 1/2 off. I showcased some new spring products and some of these cute Easter ideas. The wonderful thing about a Facebook party is you can order online and have people at your party from all over the U.S. It's awesome.

As a result of her party, I earned some free products in our upcoming JK by Thirty-One jewelry line. I can't wait to get them.

I am supposed to get my other JK piece tomorrow. We had to do our C & C meeting over the phone so we are going to  hook up to get our amenity. We are each getting our initial necklace from the new line. I can't wait to see my B. I know I will love it.

Decided to try some pink and blue nails last night. I love having one signature nail that is a different color. It's just something I have been doing this past year. I wish I had a steady hand because I would get some of the nail paint in white and stripe the blue nail.

I am in love with this blue. It's Wet & Wild brand and I am loving it.

I kept seeing all these people posting the snowmen they had made. So I had to pop out on the porch and make one real quick. Had to use some mismatched buttons on him and I crocheted a little chain for a scarf. He's weird looking but at least I can say I built a snowman.

So now on to the power of positive thinking. I haven't polished my toes since December. So I did that this morning and slipped on my flip flops and clicked my patent leather heals together and chanted "There's no place like spring. There's no place like spring." We will see what happens.


Terri D said...

I enjoyed all you fragments!! Love the blue polish!

Debbie Huffaker said...

This weather has me all mixed up, too. I can hardly keep up with what day it is! HOPE you have a great weekend....I just want to go to Walmart ....I know they wonder where I've been! ;)


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