I am so very tired of it all....

This weather is about to get everybody down. I am so tired of cold and freezing rain and snow and ice and frigid temperatures....etc.

I know you in winter wonderlands will agree with me that enough is enough. They are calling for black ice today so I am not sure if I will be able to make it up my hill or not until it warms up later this morning. 

I can normally handle the bad weather, but when it causes my UPS man not to deliver me a box of goodies, I get a tad upset. I was supposed to get a Thirty-One shipment on Friday. At 7:30 Friday morning, the tracking said "Out for delivery." I even passed a UPS truck delivering in my neck of the woods on my way home. 

By 8:00, no UPS man so I checked the tracking and it said "Rescheduled for Monday delivery." WHY? He was just a few blocks from my house and we had nothing on our road that day. I just live literally 2 minutes from the main road. It is just one hill that is the problem and it was totally clear on Friday. 

I was not a happy camper. But hopefully he will redeem himself and deliver today. If not, I am going to call them and go pick it up. I am very excited to see what everybody ordered and to get it delivered to them. 

At least knowing is SHOULD be here tonight gives me a good reason to be glad it is Monday....which sounds weird because I am never glad it is Monday.


Terri D said...

I shouldn't tell you that we are to have 80° today, with sunshine. So glad to not be where it is cold and nasty. Hope your delivery arrives today!!


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