Yucky snow....

Yucky snow. Woke up to another bad weather day today. So I decided to do some pinning for Easter projects. These little wreaths looks so cute and so super easy. 

Instead of an Easter basket, make this home made little bunny bag.

Now this is a cute idea. It would be fun to do this with my church kids.

Super simple and super cute. You could use whatever paper you wanted.

Awww, love the little chickadee wreath.

This isn't necessarily Easter, but it is a cute idea for showers, parties or weddings. 

I am definitely going to do this.

I love this. I would leave it out year round. Not just for Easter.

Another Mosaic idea for my kids at church. Except instead of the heart from Valentine's they can do an egg.

I have seen these before and still want to make one. 

Well, there you have it. My top 10 wish list for what I want to make for Easter.

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