I'm so happy!

It was beautiful here yesterday. The temperature was up in the 60's. A gorgeous day. I decided to go outside an take a little walk around the yard. After two weeks of snow, we went straight into the rainy season and had rain on and off for several days. My yard felt like a marsh in places where the drainage isn't at its best. But I walked around anyway.

Yes, those are fresh buds on my Bradford pear trees.

And yes those are the little purple wild flowers that pop up when spring arrives. 

And check it out, I have green grass instead of all that white stuff. 

I do declare, what is that? You guessed it. That is my feet. In flip flops. In my yard. 

Welcome spring, my long lost friend. Oh how I have missed you. Of course I woke up to rain this morning, but my toes did have a few moments of outdoor freedom last night and that made me very happy. This weekend I will be doing the "put the boots to the back of the closet and flip flops to the front" routine. I am so happy!



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