Weekend wrap up

This past weekend I went to Real Deal Warehouse. I love going there because you never know what you are going to find. I picked up a couple of these Mason jar lids. They have wire in the top so you can slip your flowers into it for a cute vase and the flower's won't flop.

Some more Mason jar lids. These are to put on your drinks and the hole in the middle is for a straw. Perfect for sipping lemonade while sitting on my porch swing. 

Can't wait to start using these. 

A trip to the Dollar Tree for some flowers to make a spring bouquet for my kitchen table when Easter is done.

I got these cute little ducklings for just $1.50.

And this little check was also just a $1.50.

Store after store I looked at dresses but my body is just not made for today's dresses...especially if I am trying to be frugal. Found this on clearance for just $13.99. It is so super soft. I will wear it with my white dress pans and some strappy little sandles. 

I also wanted to share what Hubby bought me for our wedding anniversary Friday. I love them. My original wedding rings were sized so much over the years that they don't fit any more. I only weighed 90 pounds when we got married and now I weigh....well, let's just leave it at I don't weigh 90 anymore. So numerous ring sizings left the band too thing to let it out any more. I went from ring size 3 3/4 to size 6 1/2. Which isn't bad since it took me 34 years to grow that much. But I am thrilled with my new set.

Sunday was a day of relaxing. I went to church that morning then vegged out most of the day. Had some homemade pizza bread at lunch.

Then I laid on the couch and took about a two hour nap. Later that evening, I just wanted a light supper so I went with my good old standby. Peanut butter and toast fixed under the broiler and a glass of ice cold chocolate milk.

All in all it was a great weekend. 


ThrifterSisters said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! And you rings? Absolutely STUNNING! They look perfect with your pretty pink manicure :-)


Terri D said...

Yes, it does sound perfect! Love the photos!

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, I want a lid with chicken wire. I have the perfect little green ball jar that needs it! (Walmart flower shop) Your new rings are so pretty.


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