Lots of goodies

I have been seeing all these people making cupcakes and decorating them so beautifully but I just could never do this. I love making brownies so I thought it would be neat to find some ideas to decorate brownies. Pinterest is my "go to" place for ideas. These look fun to fix and even more fun to eat.

Decorated Brownie Bites.

Brownies on a stick. This is a novel idea and would be awesome for a dessert bar at an event.


So I thought I could become of the Queen of Brownie Bites. But I couldn't find anything else that caught my fancy. So I thought, "I'll just become the Queen of Dessert Bites". So I checked that out and found this awesome recipe for Angel Food Churro Bites. Don't these look so delicious. 

Angel Food Cake Churro Bites - Copy

When I saw the angel food cake in the name, it reminded me how much I also love pound cake so I thought I would see if I could find some pound cake bites. I didn't but I did find some cute baby pound cakes that I would like to try. Maybe with some lemon in them and a lemon glaze.

Baby Pound Cakes | MyRecipes.com  Enjoy these pound cake bites for breakfast or as a late-night snack by the fire, or split and toast them with butter. Vanilla bean paste, which can be found at specialty food stores, gives these cakes a sublime goodness. And just as with classic pound cake, we loved the crusty top edges on these, too. #dessert #recipes

While I was looking for pound cake stuff, I found this....Pound Cake French Toast. Can we all say ooo la la. This looks too good to be true and I must try it soon. 

Pound Cake French Toast. Ohhhhh yes. I love pound cake. I love French toast. Two in one deal:) YUM.

I am not an apple fan in recipes, but hubby is. He loves muffins and he loves applesauce cake. I couldn't go wrong if I made him these mini applesauce muffins.

Mini Applesauce Muffins with cinnamon and sugar - a quick and delicious treat the whole family will love. Get the recipe on { lilluna.com }

These little muffins are called lemon yogurt sugar mini muffins. But I would probably leave the yogurt out. Yuck.

Lemon Yogurt Sugar Mini Muffins

Of course you can never go wrong with banana bread mini muffins. Almost everybody likes banana bread.

Easy Banana Bread mini muffins taste great and can be made in minutes

I would love to try these with just orange. I don't think I would like the coconut in it. I have an awesome orange glaze recipe. I will have to try these for sure.

coconut & orange mini muffins - made these and i swear they look just like the pic :) delish too!!

This are cute. Cornbread with hotdogs baked inside. I would call this corn dog muffins.

2/13/12 - Jiffy corn muffin mix & hot dogs - made w/ reduced fat all beef hot dogs for me & cheddar hot dogs for Jon. Overall, pretty yummy but messy due to the corn bread falling apart. Jon would eat again but we both agree the hot dog to bread ratio should be 2:1 rather than 1:1

But his just starves me to death and I am definitely going to try it some night. They use crescent rolls for the dough and then fill the little tins with cheese, sauce and pepperoni to make deep-dish mini muffin pepperoni pizza.

I didn't have the time or the room to post every recipe. But if you go do a search on Pinterest you will be able to find all of these. Have a great day and happy baking!


Hubby cracks me up....

Earlier this evening, Hubby was in the living room and I was in my home office checking my Facebook. As I was scrolling down, I saw a post where Hubby had shared something with me. Once I read it, I broke out laughing so hard and so loud at what he posted. I heard from the living "Guess you saw my post." This is probably one of the best laughs I've gotten in a while. Thank you hubby for the laugh, even though it is wrong. You always listen to me....or you are a really good actor.


Weekend wrap up

We headed out Saturday morning to the National Cornbread Festival 2 1/2 hours away. We figured we would hit rain and we did around 7:00 that morning.

But by the time we got there around 9:00, it was blue skies and sunshine the rest of the day.

The streets of South Pittsburg, TN become a miniature craft fair. Saw lots of unique artisans. Even visited one Antique store. Well, this town was apparently a dry county when it came to Pyrex. Not a piece of Pyrex, Glasbake, Fire King or Federal to be found.

They had some amazing food....roasted corn on the cob, deep fried pickles, corn dogs, bloomin' onions and of course beans and cornbread. 

As we were heading back home, we passed a Hobby Lobby and I needed some plastic canvas so we stopped. I needed new yarn so I chose this variegated skein.

And this one as well. I love all the unique colors. It is blended so well. 

At the craft fair, I had picked up a couple of pot holders with the farm theme for my kitchen.

Then when I was in Hobby Lobby, I found this adorable chicken and used my coupon to get it for just $4.00. I love it.

One day last week, I had found me a rooster rug for the front of my kitchen sink. I was very pleased with how it looked.

When I went to the store after we got home on Saturday night, I found this new Hershey's product. Individually wrapped milk chocolate caramels.

Look how creamy and delicious they look. They just melt in your mouth. They are the perfect sweet because just one calms your craving but is too rich to want a second one immediately.

Then Sunday afternoon, I was browsing around on Facebook and my friend Stevie tagged me in a dish towel she made for me. Isn't this just adorable. I love it.

We had a great weekend. I just hated seeing it end. But I did store up some good memories of a great weekend with Hubby.

Great #quote for a Monday. Or any time you need #inspiration


Thanks for the memories....

Facebook has this awesome function called "See your memories". It randomly pops up to show you what you posted a year, two years, or even more years ago on your page. This popped up today. it was from this date in 2014. The girls were staying all night and they decided they wanted to try to bake something.

They opted for brownies but wanted to try making brownie waffles and brownie donuts. This was the result. We all gave the donuts a thumbs up but swore we would never try to do the waffles again. It was a mess. 

So when that popped up this morning, it put me in the mood for brownies. I remembered I had some in the cabinet. So I whipped up a batch around 6:30.

I got about a dozen made when I realized I needed to be getting ready for work.

So I put the rest of the mix in my Pyrex cake pans and took one to work. They turned out great and hit the spot.


Sunday Songs

Love is one of the greatest gifts God gives us. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband. He is always there for me. Always supports me even when I have crazy ideas. We had a rare Saturday off together yesterday and we had a totally amazing day. It was so much fun just to hang out together. I love you, Allen. Thank you for a fantastic, fun filled day.


Changing it up....

My dear friend GeorgeAnna made me this cute jar at Easter. She told me she put the bunny on with Velcro so I could change the jar out for holidays or everyday use. 

I love the way she did it and will do it back like this for Easter next year. And I love it filled with eggs. But you can't keep Easter eggs in for everyday use. So I have been thinking and thinking on what I want to do with it. Last night, I had a light bulb moment.

I am going to get some chicken wire and cover the outside of the jar. Looked on Pinterest to see if it could be done and yes, others have done it.

Then I will buy some of those plastic brown and white eggs that look so real. I already have a dozen I found at an antique store for $3.00. I have white so I need to find some brown so I can get the look below.

Next, I will paint the lid black. GeorgeAnna had mentioned to me I could paint it for any occasion.

Then I am going to buy some red checkered ribbon to tie around the rim under the lid, where she has the pink ribbon.

And I am going to find a sitting hen figurine to put on the top of it. 

Don't you think that will be cute. I can still change it up at holidays and just always get the lid black. My holiday ideas would be to fill it with those red, white and blue sparkly plastic stars for the 4th of July and put a little flag figurine on top of it.

And at Christmas I could fill it with assorted Christmas balls and put a tree on the top.

And in January I could fill it with white Styrofoam balls of assorted sizes and put a snowman on top.

A lot of great ideas for an awesome jar.


My vintage wish list....

I have been in a Pyrex rut lately. I can't seem to find anything I am looking for. Here are some of my dream items. This one is one I am actively looking for and scouring trade groups in search of them.

This is a set that is on just about everybody's wish list that I know. It's hard to find because everybody wants it.

The same is true for the pink. These two colors make a Pyrex collector faint when they find them.

I was offered stripes for a trade one time and I was all "no thank you, I don't care for stripes." Yikes! What was I thinking. Now they have grown on me and nobody every has them for sale or trade around here.

I love these two... The Atomic Eyes and Turquoise Diamond.

But I have recently realized that vintage bowls do not have to be Pyrex to make me fall in love with them. I am noticing some very pretty patterns in Federal, Fire King, Glasbake and Hazel Atlas. Here are some of my favorites in those brands. I thing this one is so cute with the whimsical lantern and mixing spoons.

This is probably a bowl from that same set just with either a different view or different items on it.

I do not care for the Pyrex dots bowls, but I do love the ones in Federal. They are just too cute.

This reminds me of an old vintage tablecloth.

I bought one like the one on the left several years ago. But because I became a vintage snob who thought she only wanted Pyrex, I traded it. I could kick myself. Every time I see a pic of it I get mad all over again for ever letting it go.

These are very cute. The pattern is unique. I have never seen these in person anywhere.

I would absolutely love to find this entire set. It is gorgeous.

More dots. These are so whimsical looking.

These are not bowls obviously. But I love the two Hazel Atlas cups on the left. I actually have both of them. Paid .25 cents for one of them and  .75 cents for the other. I am not sure who makes the one on the right because I can't find it anywhere else on the internet. But I would love to find one.

Well, there are some vintage items that make my heart melt. Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I do.