Don't remove a dead bush....

As planting season and yard work begins, be sure you check your dead bushes before you yank them out. My daughter recently decided to redo some shrubbery and plant some new items around her home. When they got ready to take out a dead bush, she found this....

We weren't sure what kind of bird it was for sure. But the next day, two of the babies hatched.

And then the following day, the third one popped out of his shell. It wasn't long till Mama Bird was spotted and my daughter realized she had baby cardinals at the end of her front porch. She was able to stand on the porch and zoom in so she didn't have to disturb the birds.

They are in the bush right beside the steps so she passes them every time she comes and go. Mama usually sits on them while the family just passes in and out. Sometimes she flies off, but not very far. Daddy is always somewhere close by and flies in for his check, but so far she hasn't been able to get pics.

They went ahead and left the dead bush for now. But she did plant some new shrubbery down the edge of the driveway.

And along the front of her home.

She posted some pics on Facebook so I asked her if I could use all these in my blog today. I do like this one, but I am not sure what it is.

These are beautiful. I think she said it is a little azalea bush.

Her magnolia tree is blooming and it is gorgeous.

She saw Daddy Bird fly in and check on the babies. Diana sat very patiently and finally got a video of him flying away. She told me I could share it but I wasn't able to get it to work from Facebook. But he was beautiful. 


Liz said...

That is such a great reminder! We were about to do the same thing and found a nest off eggs. I had never seen cardinal eggs before, quite interesting looking!

Rachel said...

Tell Di I love her landscaping. Looks very nice! She has a pretty place.

Rachel said...

Tell Di I love her landscaping! Looks very pretty.