Friday's Happy Mail

I got some happy mail yesterday. I love coming home to find goodies. I had ordered some shoes from Kohl's. I had a $10 off coupon so when my order totaled, I actually got these for $1.99. I love the wild pattern.

My Thirty-One conference is in July and we are staying at hotel two blocks from the event. That means we will be doing a lot of walking from the hotel to the conference center and from the center to the arena and any downtown sightseeing and dining we want to do. So I researched and read reviews on various Skechers since that is my favorite shoe. I read about these and they seemed like it might be what I needed. Then one review said "I am flat footed and have trouble with my feet. After wearing these shoes all day doing a lot of walking, my feet don't hurt at all." Since I am flat footed as well, that made my mind up. They are extremely comfortable.

I also got my shipment of the preview items Thirty-One is having as the June and July special. This duffel bag is just too cute for words. 

But I absolutely fell in love with the new Mini Canvas Crew Thermal. It is so amazing. I just love it. 

This is going to be my favorite thermal that they ever made. Hubby got me these for Mother's Day; it just took a while for them to get here. 

I love Happy Mail Days.

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Terri D said...

Awesomeness in every photo!!