Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mom.

There will never be a song sung or a poem written that could convey the love Mom has for us. She is the epitome of Motherhood. Caring, giving, loving, nurturing. She is always there for us whenever we need her.

I would love to wax eloquently on all the wonderful things that make my Mom the best mom in the world, but there are just not enough words to describe all the wonderful things she has done for us and taught us over the years. I am blessed to have such a great mom. I know I speak for all four of her children when I say, WE LOVE YOU MOM. YOU ARE THE BEST!

In addition, my Mom is a Cancer survivor....TWICE. Once over 20 years ago and again 2 years ago. Praise God she listens to her body and knew to go to the doctor and both times, the cancer was removed and they got it all. She has never had chemo, radiation or drugs with any of her Cancer. Both times it was surgically removed with no complications because they caught it early. What she has had both times was prayer from near and far. So blessed to still have her with us and still healthy. She will be 86 in 2 years. This pictures is when she got out of recovery for her breast Cancer surgery 2 years ago. 

Mom with her four babies just a month ago.

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Terri D said...

A post of wonderful photos, full of love!