Time for a little kitchen change

It is time to start the decor changes in my kitchen due to my new flooring. I was into the pastel, spring colors because my floor was ancient and pale, pale cream with tiny baby blue flowers in the corners of each square. But I love my new floor so much better than the old one. The deeper warmth made me decide to go back to the rich, warm colors and to bring my rooster theme back to the kitchen. I thought about a rooster tablecloth but didn't want to go into a rooster overkill mode. I love burgundy and was looking for a checkered or plaid tablecloth. Found this one at Kohl's online so I just bit the bullet and ordered it.  I can't wait to get it.

I am not just going for roosters but hens as well. I have a couple of roosters I love, but I want to get me a big sitting hen. I am going to Hobby Lobby in a couple of weeks and I plan on looking there. I know what I want and it is something like this.

Although I really love this set.  

I will want to keep some whimsy in my farmhouse kitchen. I found this on Pinterest and just new he would look so good in my kitchen. Well, I googled it and found it at a place called Garden Fun.....FOR $26.99. Too steep for my blood. I love to shop, but I am very cheap frugal on what I will spend on something no matter how bad I want it. I am sure I can find something similar at a lot more reasonable price.

Check out this little kitchen timer. I need to see if I can find something like this. Our timer died and the one on our stove works fine, but a lot of times I will have something in the oven and something on the stove top so I really need that second timer.

I have several of these hen salt dips. But I would love to find one in this color.

Well, I have some busy decorating time ahead. I can't wait to get started.

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