Weekend Wrap Up

I had a fabulous weekend. It started off with Alexis and Colby coming over to spend the whole weekend with me on Friday. We got up on Saturday morning and went to the Bloomin' Barbecue and Bluegrass festival in downtown Sevierville. We had a great time.

They had some bounce houses and a kid zone set up that were free and the kids loved playing there.

Colby was so excited to see the pig mascot. We had to track him down to get a photo op with him.

Sunday was my turn to do Children's Church. We did the lesson on David and Jonathan and the importance of friendship. Then we made Popsicle Pals. This was my sample and I thought it was rather creative....Till the kids in class started adding eye lashes and then making hair from the spare pipe cleaner. I love when their imaginations kick in.

Sunday night the family gathered at Applebee's for my grandson Caleb's birthday.

He was tickled to pieces with the new watch his mom and dad got him. It was a Zippo brand and he has had his eye on it for weeks. One very happy boy.

A few things I picked up this weekend. Saw this sign at Family Dollar on Friday for just $5.00. It goes good with my kitchen.

Saturday at the Festival there was a lady who made travel pillows and cases. I couldn't resist. I had to get one. She is also making me a couple of extra pillow cases. One in flip flops and one in anchors. 

I got my order from the Thirty-One flash sale in. I am so excited about my new retro metro weekender. 

And my wristlet.

And my Easy Breezy Tote.

I already had the organizing utility tote in the same pattern.

I am now set to travel for weekend trips with all my Citrus Medallion patterned pieces. 

They discontinued that pattern but the new Bubble Bloom has the same color scheme. I will be using my make up case in the new pattern when I travel.

This has lots of room for make up and I don't use that much so I use one of the pockets to hold my jewelry.

After my busy weekend, I was wanting a snack Sunday night. So I gathered up some goodies. 

This was the end result. It was delicious.

Now it is Monday and back to work time. I hope I can make it through the day. I have went non-stop for the past three weeks and I can tell it is about to catch up with me. 

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Rachel said...

I just got that same wristlet! I love it! In the same pattern!