Some beautiful flag pics

There is nothing prettier than our flag flying against a blue, clear sky. 

My daughter took this one last night at our local grocery store. The sky was so unique. Instead of the sun's rays beaming down through the clouds, they looked like they were coming from the ground up. It was really cool. 

As we approach the 4th of July, we will see more and more flags displayed. One of my favorite sites is a flag displayed on a front porch.

I love the painted wooden flags I see on Pinterest. People are so creative.

And how cute is this crochet afghan in a flag pattern?

I love when I find crafts that are as simple as this. I may have to make this before next year. I really like it. 

My current favorite "flag" decor are my fabric flowers I bought at Walmart for just a couple of bucks. Loving them!

We have had some of the worst storms throughout the night. Normally I don't hear the rain because I sleep with a fan on. But last night I couldn't hear the fan because of the rain, wind, and thunder. I am heading to work on about 3 hours of sleep. One thing to be thankful for.....All the umbrellas are in the house and not in the car! Not that an umbrella will have much hope of keeping me dry in these torrential downpours. 

Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday.


Blast from the past....

I love seeing old photos of the town I grew up in. One of my Facebook groups posted some old pictures of Huntington, WV which was where we went when we wanted to shop in the "big" city. Our little town of Barboursville didn't have everything Huntington did. It will be interesting to see if any of my West Virginia family and friends recognize any of these places. 



God is still God

No matter what the world says, does or thinks....

God is STILL God. Enough said. That pretty well sums it up for me. 


Some Pinterest Pretties for your viewing pleasure....

I love pink. On anything. And I love roses and vintage typewriters. So it stand to reason I would fall in love with this. 

I don't know why, but this necklace is beautiful in my opinion.

Super easy 4th of July craft.

I would love to do this for my home office. Need to find some old wood.

I am going to try to remember this for the fall. 

Since making butterflies with this type of ribbon, I think I could do this. 

What a great Christmas ornament idea. Instead of glitter, they dipped in glue and then dipped in Epsom salt. It looks like ice crystals.

I have to go find this to see how to make it but I am in love with this and am going to definitely try to make it.

I am going to get the ingredients to make the Lunch Lady Brownies tonight. 

Now this is a great idea for an outdoor pool. Just wouldn't use it if you have horses or cattle around that are thirsty.

Have a great Saturday.


A great find....

As you know, I love collecting Pyrex. My favorite are the mixing bowls sets. They usually come in four sizes. For some reason, in my area, the largest bowl...the 404...is extremely rare. I have never been about to find a complete set or if I find a set of 3, I never can find that large 4th one to complete my set. So far I have 3 of the Early American set.

Three of the Town & Country set.

Three of the Colonial Mist set.

Three of the Autumn Harvest set. 

And three of the Woodland set. 

My daughter picked me up a set recently that had 3 of the blue with clear bottom set.

But alas, I have not been able to complete a set of 4. That big bowl just doesn't exist around here. And people in my groups that have them, won't usually part with them. I had one more of the 3 piece sets which was in Shenandoah pattern. I love it but decided since I am doing more blues & browns, I would put this for trade in one of my Facebook Pyrex groups to see if I could get anything in blue or brown.

Imagine my surprise when I was offered the Homestead set....which is blue AND brown. And then she told me she would take one other bowl I was trading and would throw in the big 404 for the Homestead. It came yesterday and I could not be happier. Isn't it beautiful.

 I was ecstatic!