Delectably delicious...

 I have always loved Milky Ways. Other candy bars come and go as some of my favorites, but Milky Way is always my #1 pick on a go-to-snack. 

When they came out with the Midnight one, it reminded me of the old Forever Yours bars which I loved so I also love the Midnight Milky Way. 

Image result for milky way marshmallow
And since my first piece of candy out of a box of chocolates is the chocolate covered caramel, I was ecstatic when Milky Way introduced the Milky Way Simply Caramel bar. 

Well yesterday I stopped to get gas and new Milky Way wrapper caught my eye...Milky Way Marshmallow. You know I had to try it. Suffice it to say Oh. My. Gosh. Milky Way has done it again. Proving to meet they are the #1 Candy Bar of all time. 

The only problem with the new Marshmallow version is that I wanted to run out and melt it on some graham crackers. 

I ran errands at lunch and stopped at Courthouse Donuts. After I got home, I decided that next time I go there, I need to ask them to come up with a Milky Way topped donut.

What is YOUR favorite candy bar?


Debbie Huffaker said...

I have a snack basket on top of the fridge. Every now and then I will find a milky way midnight dark in there that my sweet hubby has gotten for me. Makes me smile!

Rachel said...

My all time favorite would have to be Snickers! I always ate snickers and you always ate Milky Way!

Terri D said...

I like caramel and toffee, so usually to for a Heath bar or something with caramel. When I was a kid, the snack bar at the public pool had frozen Milky Way bars on a stick. YUM!!!