Finally Friday

I can't believe Friday is finally here. It has been a challenging week with printer, fax and phone issues. I for one am ready for a couple of days off. I hope to hit some yard sales tomorrow. I am in search of a tea cart. Something similar to this.

image 1

I love the white one as well, but have a couple of chair in my new office that I am trying to match up.

image 1

This is perfect for what I want, but I am sure it would be hard to find.

(from Katie Gaisford Booth's party favor board) pinned by Mary "Vintage Tea Party Inspiration"

Once I find the perfect cart, I need to find the perfect tea set. I have some at home but I am not willing to part with them to take them to my office. It will be hard to find one at a yard sale. Most people will have the teapot or the teacups and saucers, but not the actual set. The search is on.



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