Weekend Wrap Up

Between hubby being sick, moving offices at work, and getting ready for Thirty-One National Conference, I am so behind on my blogging. I started this post late Sunday night to post it on Monday morning and am finally getting to it on Tuesday. Ugh. I hate my schedule being thrown off. Going to have to set an alarm to remind me to blog. Now for my weekend wrap up. I actually went to a yard sale on Saturday. It was for a daycare and had several booths set up. I found this little tea for one that I fell in love with. It wasn't priced. I asked how much and the lady asked what I thought was a good price. I said, I would pay $3.00 for it and she said that is what she was thinking. I should have said .50 cents. LOL.

I love cats and I couldn't resist this cat figurine which was only .50 cents. Did realize it till she went to pack it up but it actually holds a scouring pad in the back. But I will put it on a shelf in my office, not in the kitchen. 

I loved this little swan so I bought it for my bathroom. I have one like it only bigger. So they will make a perfect set.

This little sea turtle was too cute to pass up for just .25 cents. It was plastic, but I liked it for the beach bathroom.

After the yard sale, I went to Kohls to try to find some jewelry for Conference. I love these little rhinestone earrings. They will go good with all my silver jewelry for the glittery, glitzy awards night.

But my bargain of the day was this watch. I wanted a new silver watch that was kind of blingy and in a bangle bracelet style. I found the perfect one and it fit my tiny wrist just right. But the price was $24.99 which was more than I wanted to spend on a watch. But I looked at those famous Kohl's discount signs. And low and behold it was on sale for $11.99. So that was definitely a yes. Then when we got to the register, she handed me a scratch off card that was something special for that day. I scratched it off and got another 15% off. So I ended up getting it for $10.19. Now that is the kind of bargain I like.


Donna said...

Boy! Did you make Out!
Great little purchases!
Pretty watch...

Terri D said...

I need to just meet up with you someday and follow you around!! You are the best shopper I know!