Where's Waldo...

I'm not sure where Waldo is, but I know I've been MIA these past couple of day. Every morning I get up and think "I don't have time to do my blog. I'll do it when I get home from work." Then when I get home from work, fix supper and do dishes, next thing I know I am going to bed thinking "Oh no! I forgot to blog." But hopefully things are settling down and I will be back to normal soon. 

Not much has been happening these last two days. My friend, Theresa, is coming to work across the street from me for my bosses wife who happens to also be my friend. We are very excited about it. She will be the wedding planner at a new chapel that my friend Stevie is opening up. Theresa and I both love cats. I have several cute cat figurines, one which I keep in my office. So I told Theresa I wanted to find a cute one for her desk when she gets her new office. So in traditional Brenda/Theresa method, we both started Googling cat figurines. Here are some cute ones we found:


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Terri D said...

I have a cat figurine that is my business card holder. Love it!! Wish I could post a picture in the comment!