Some random things today....

I want to introduce you to a young friend of mine. Meet Kelsey Cate. Kelsey is 18 and started singing in church when she was just three years old and has developed her voice to phenomenal heights. She truly has a God given talent and she doesn't hesitate to thank God for what He is doing in his life. I have watched her over the years blossom into a beautiful young lady. Her voice is so powerful that she is one of my favorite singers.

Kelsey actually released a single and it has been on iTunes for a while now. It is called Dishes. She is working on her first album. She was signed by AOK records in Kingsport, TN and is currently attending Belmont University in Nashville where she is a Commercial Voice Major. She has a Facebook page and is trying to get her Likes up to 500. I thought I would post a link here and ask you a favor. If you are on Facebook, please click this link, Kelsey Cate Facebook and like her page. She is very close to reaching 500 so every like will help. You can also watch her rise to fame because I have no doubt that she is going to make it big some day. I am so very proud of what she has achieved so far and am blessed to know such a sweet gal.

On another note, I saw something I need today that someone posted in one of my Facebook groups. It is a magnetic picture frame. The lady that posted it is going to use each in her Thirty-One home office to post the monthly special flyer each month. This is a brilliant idea because she is like me and ends up one the phone or needing to find her flyer and can't find one. She got this one at Hobby Lobby.

But it reminded me that I saw some cute ways to make your own magnet board. So, obviously, me being me, I went to Pinterest. These are super simple. This is a flat cookie sheet covered with fabric and a bow.

This was an old cookie sheet that she painted and then used modge podge for the fabric to stick. 

This was my favorite and by far the easiest. A shiny brand new pan from the Dollar Tree, fabric and some magnets. Joann's always has their fabric 40% off on the type I like. Since I just need a 1/2 yard it will cost less than $3 for fabric. I am going to get the stuff to do this today.

magnetic board tutorial

I have been working on some projects that I need to post the pics and instructions from the last things I wanted to try. I may post some of those next week along with how this turns out. Stay tuned. 


Terri D said...

Great idea for the magnetic board!! I have already "liked" Kelsey's page. Good luck to her!


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