I wanted a hamburger.....

I wanted a hamburger the other night, but really didn't feel like eating a big burger. But that was the flavor I wanted. I remember the old Roseanne show where her and Jackie created loose meat sandwiches. So I decided to try that.

I browned my hamburger meat in the iron skillet and used my favorite seasoning for the hamburger.

I put some mustard on a hot dog bun.

When the meat got browned, I drained it and then spooned it what I thought would fit on the bun and put a piece of cheese on it. 

I covered it for just a little bit to let the cheese melt down into the meat to make it easier to scoop up on my bun.

I topped it with onion and dill relish. Added some barbecue Snyder's chips and a cold Pepsi. 

It was delicious and the cheese was good and oozy.

Then I baked some of those "break and bake" Nestle Toll House cookies and had them later that night for a snack with some cold milk.

The loose meat cheeseburger was a really, really good idea. It was delicious. And now I have the leftover ground beef that I can either add to macaroni and cheese or add brown gravy and ditalini noodles with a side of fried potatoes for tonight's supper. 


Rachel said...

That sounds so good! I am going to try that. Me and Dale had those cookies last night with a big glass of milk. Lol

Terri D said...

Sounds delicious! Great idea!

Donna said...

Wonderful Idea!!! Will have to try it!