Some ideas...

When I was at Hobby Lobby this weekend, I got some great ideas. They have this beautiful picture that made me think how cute it would be to frame some of those lovely Christmas cards I get that I hate to throw away.

I saw this cute little tree in red and blue. Then I noticed they have it in plain wood in the craft department. It would be cheaper to buy the plain and decorate it your own way.

I also loved these clipboards but they were a little pricey.

Then I found these plain wood clip boards in the craft section. I am going to create something with them....just not sure what. 

I used my 40% off to get this book ox 4 x 6 scrapbook sheets. They would be perfect to make crafts or cards with. 

This was one of my favorites. 

And I liked this one as well. 

But I do believe this was my absolute favorite. 

They have their gemstones on sale so I picked up a few to use in my craft projects. 

I picked up some pretty scrapbook sheets while I was there. They have a great Christmas collection.

Now, just to find the time to make all the things I want to make.


Donna said...

Christmas is in 73 more days...wow! Where'd the year go?!!
Cute things!

Debbie Huffaker said...

I drove up to the new Hobby Lobby one day last week....so very nice to have one so close!!!

Terri D said...

All good finds! I'm sure your clipboards will be nicer than those on the rack!