Some new pretties....

I was wanting a new shower curtain because I was so tired of a plain blue. My bathroom wall paper is rose pink, sage green and blue. So I set out in search of something that would go with my color scheme and my flower wallpaper. I finally found one on line at a place called Problem Solvers. In search of the perfect shower curtain, I wanted something vintage looking from back in the floral craze. But I also wanted chenille incorporated into it somehow. I couldn't believe that all my Googling let me to that site. And the best part was it was only $9.99 and $6.00 for shipping. I think it met all my requirements. I am loving it. I think I will incorporate some sage green in my rugs and towel selection.

I have had this little thing hanging in my bathroom (oops it needs straightened) for over 12 years. And I still love it. It goes really good with all the colors in the shower curtain don't you think?

I received my Thirty-One order today and I am in love with the Christmas pouches. I wanted this one to keep sales ads in when I start my Christmas shopping. It will fit in my tote so it will be perfect to keep the ads in. 

This one is to keep any coupons I get like the 20% off and 40% off coupons that so many stores run on their websites.

But my favorite is one I got is this one. I carry a mini zipper all the time. I call it my care kit. It has nail clippers and a file, Visine, bandaids, Aleve, a Tide pen, GermX and a few other essentials for emergencies. So this will be one I will carry during the snowy season.

It's the little things that thrill.